WORLD PEACE Is it universal? How do u define it?
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No more war at any place on earth: that is Lesser World Peace.
Complete harmony among all souls and their harmony in the love of God: this is the Most Great Peace, beyond all time and space.
As for Lesser Peace, we may witness soon, in this Age of human maturity.
As for the Most Great Peace, we will be informed by the Universal House of Justice in the Golden Age.
All the beautiful things have been announced by Buddha, Christ, Muhammad…. and now prescribed in details in the Sacred Scriptures of the Central Figures of the Baha’i Faith.
At present, we still see more signs of war than peace, but reality will appear as natural miracle, like an ugly egg suddenly opens its shell into a nice chicken.
Believers, who sincerely pray and do the Will of God, and attaining inner peace, may experience the solace promised by the One True God. And, sooner or later, all people will see the eternal Light of Glory.

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Baha’u’llah says:
“Now that ye have refused the Most Great Peace, hold ye fast unto this, the Lesser Peace, that haply ye may in some degree better your own condition and that of your dependents.
O rulers of the earth! Be reconciled among yourselves, that ye may need no more armaments save in a measure to safeguard your territories and dominions. Beware lest ye disregard the counsel of the All-Knowing, the Faithful.”
(Baha’u’llah, The Summons of the Lord of Hosts, p. 89)

Peace comes in one’s heart
Before reaching all people’s hearts
Who unite in love


What’s wrong with me, I’m lacking motivation?
About 2 years ago I graduated from college, got my bachelors and got a job in the probation department (sorta). It’s been over a year since I quit a full time I had. The job was very mentally, emotional, and physically draining. You can say I’ve been bumming it most of the time. I have been looking for a job but not really. I have no motivation. I have very sweet, supportive parents that are not in my case about looking for a job. Deep inside i feel embarassed of myself for not wanting to better myself. I would want to find a job, and help my parents even if it’s just a bit. But I’m lacking motivation, what is wrong with me?

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Seek ardently for your real self and be yourself.
No true human being is lacking of motivation.
There is nothing wrong with you. Obtaining a college degree, you are among the elite of the human race. Many youth and children are still deprived of this education. They can do nothing to help their parents, but being forced into cheap labor, or even into begging, prostitution, civil war!…
The real requirement for all human beings, in all conditions of all countries, is to make their own destiny, by seeking for their true selves, being themselves and save themselves.
It would be fortunate for him who prays and gets into direct contact with the guidance of God. No unbelievers can gain their way into the love of God. Only, the faithful one who prays with sincerity will catch the ray of divine light. Yes, the Sun of Truth shines on all human beings, but only s/he who opens her/his mind for guidance will receive and recognize its warmth.
The seeking of the One True God is similar to seeking any other things on earth. It is like seeking for food, for gold, for the beloved one…. We must train our mind to obtain a clear concept about the object of our search, the One True God, in order to see His signs and follow those signs to the end. Then, we will be taught about our true life and our mission in His world of creation and His world or revelation. This is the method taught in all Holy Books, but it must be learned and applied by each individual soul. Nobody can teach or accomplish this task for others.
Each person might confusingly be a vain scholar, farmer, teacher, celeb, incognito…, but all are significantly glorious children of the One True God. Man’s true self is the greater world, man’s salvation is attainment of utter nothingness.
This is the evident proof of God’s love and justice to all His children. All come from God, and all will return to Him.


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Baha’u’llah says:

“True loss is for him whose days have been spent in utter ignorance of his self.”
-Baha’u’llah, Tablets of Baha’u’llah, p. 156-
Know and be thyself
Through truth investigation
For life eternal


Are you one of those who wanted to have more stuff when a child, but who is now grateful that you didn’t?
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Yes, exactly.
I used to wrongly think that possessing things is happiness. I love to have much money to buy lots of stuff, to travel and to show wealthiness to other people’s eyes. But I did not learn how to make money; I just wait for its coming as a miracle!
I go through life as a person being born under an unlucky star. I had no sufficiency in eating, clothing, entertaining and never giving presents to people I love.
And fortunately, I finally find out that happiness with things that we cannot buy is true happiness. I have good relatives, good friends and much free time to pursue the path of homelessness, selflessness and spiritual progress.
Now I am truly happy by understanding clearly that I am not a body having an unreal soul, but a true soul using the body as a horse for my short journey on earth. I am thankful to God for this marvelous creation.

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Baha’u’llah says:
“The stages that mark the wayfarer’s journey from the abode of dust to the heavenly homeland are said to be seven. Some have called these Seven Valleys, and others, Seven Cities. And they say that until the wayfarer taketh leave of self, and traverseth these stages, he shall never reach to the ocean of nearness and union, nor drink of the peerless wine.”
(Baha’u’llah, The Seven Valleys, p. 4)
Man needs nothing here
But divine education
To find God’s Kingdom


Do you give money to the poor?

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No and never.
Giving alms is degrading man’s nobility and it is not the solution for poverty elimination.
Poverty will only be eliminated by fundamentally spiritual solutions:
Restoring human dignity.
Providing more vocational and spiritual education.
Creating more jobs.
Reforming wealth distribution by legislation on tax, subsidy, insurance, social welfare, .
Sharing profits among employers and employees.
Encouraging voluntary sharing from wealthy people.
Nations seeking ways to end wars and building world peace and so on.
Giving alms is childish practice in antiquity. Now, the mature human race, especially the governors, should think about establishing peaceful, prosperous and progressive communities all over the world.

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Abdul-Baha says:

“The Teachings of Bahá’u’lláh advocate voluntary sharing, and this is a greater thing than the equalization of wealth. For equalization must be imposed from without, while sharing is a matter of free choice.”

(Abdul-Baha, Lights of Guidance, p. 549)
All human problems
Need spiritual solutions
With true brotherhood


Do you treat people according to how they treat you?

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I treat people as God tells me through His Messengers.

I love and respect them.

I don’t expect them to become like me or like anyone else.

I cannot judge them, because they have free will to make choice beyond my knowledge and my imagination.

I don’t wait from them for any help or any hindrance.

I am thankful to God for making all things good, despite the obedience and disobedience of man. His laws and principles fuction divinely in remedying all deviations, and causing the world advancing to higher and higher destiny, to His infinite Glory.

During my short life on earth, I clearly witness that He opens my eyes to see the gradual maturity of the human race: we move from dark caves to bright skyscrapers, from invisible planet to gleaming globe all day round.

I am happy with our world and our brotherhood.



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Baha’u’llah says:

“18. O YE DWELLERS IN THE HIGHEST PARADISE! Proclaim unto the children of assurance that within the realms of holiness, nigh unto the celestial paradise, a new garden hath appeared, round which circle the denizens of the realm on high and the immortal dwellers of the exalted paradise. Strive, then, that ye may attain that station, that ye may unravel the mysteries of love from its wind-flowers and learn the secret of divine and consummate wisdom from its eternal fruits. Solaced are the eyes of them that enter and abide therein!”

(Baha’u’llah, The Persian Hidden Words)



God’s divine counsels

Most mighty lights of guidance

Happy life of love


You know I love you, don’t you? Honestly I do, love you all *hugs*. Do you like me?

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I know and I appreciate this.

Today most mature human beings know that they are noble children of the One True God, so they love and respect one another. This truth is recorded in all Holy Books which are easily accessible on the Internet. Sooner or later,  people will cooperate in building peace all over the planet. In order to achieve this high ideal in this Age, we need to do more learning about unity of thoughts, of plans and of actions, so that we  can build a world commonwealth of good trade, good governance and good living.

All other creatures exist naturally without thinking or making choice. Because of this particular free will, we humans have made false choices in the Age of immaturity, so we fell in contradiction, in hatred and in ruinous wars. From now on, will make wiser choices and will build a world civilization which can reflect the Glory of God.



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Shoghi Effendi says:

That such a mighty conception is fast budding out in the minds of men, that voices are being raised in its support, that its salient features must fast crystallize in the consciousness of those who are in authority, few indeed can doubt. That its modest beginnings have already taken shape in the world-wide Administration with which the adherents of the Faith of Bahá’u’lláh stand associated only those whose hearts are tainted by prejudice can fail to perceive.

(Shoghi Effendi, The Compilation of Compilations vol II, p. 181)



Conscious love in God

Most powerful foundation

A World Commonwealth


God I Am Asking For A Miracle


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You want to see the invisible? Watch love in your heart.

You want corresponding to the world? See this answer to your question.

You want to be rich? Tell me the cost of your intelligence.

You want inner peace? Have full trust in God.

You want to witness world peace? Think good, say good and do good.

In reality, God gives us the power to do miracles.

He allows us make the choice to die or to live eternally in His love, and no one can interfere in this. He allows us to swim like fish, to fly like bird, to appear brightly like the sun or to disappear completely like angels. He allows us to turn this planet into hell or heaven. God is truly compassionate, generous and faithful to His promise.

Amidst tons of probably insurmountable difficulties, we have achieved national sovereignty which is opening the way to planetary unity. Our ancestors might not understand what is nationality as we may not know what will be world commonwealth. But, we can now see our future more easily than our ancestors, because we have world encompassing vision, digital planning, universal interactivity. Just think good, say good and do good, then we will witness good result.

Yes, God gives us the power to do miracles.



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Abdul-Baha says:

FOUNDATIONS OF WORLD UNITY  “There is not one soul whose conscience does not testify that in this day there is no more important matter in the world than that of Universal Peace. Every just one bears witness to this and adores that esteemed Assembly [1] because its aim is that this darkness may be turned into light, this bloodthirstiness into kindness, this torment into bliss, this hardship into ease and this enmity and hatred into fellowship and love. Therefore the effort of those esteemed souls is worthy of praise and commendation.” [1 The members of the Central Organization for a Durable Peace, The Hague; to whom this Tablet was sent in reply to several letters.]

(Abdu’l-Baha, Foundations of World Unity, p. 27)



A world commonwealth

Man’s glorious destiny

This millennium


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