Do you consider making friends easy?

I want to know how other people feel about this.
Do you consider making friends easy or hard? Why?
Why do you think someone would feel the opposite way?
What would you do if you found/find making friends difficult?
What do you do when you meet someone who is a loner?
What percentage would use say fit into each category (it’s easy/it’s hard)?
Sorry there’s so many questions.
Thank you for your answers.

4 years ago

Additional Details

the % one is important because I want to see if you think that others feel the same way you do.

Best Answer Tu Nga – Chosen by Asker

Making friends is very, very difficult.
We better realize first what is a friend and how to behave as a friend, then go ahead as a friend to all people, then many will respond to our friendship.
I understand friendship as love, humility, sincerity, cooperation, sharing, encouraging, forgiving, judging not…We require these qualities from ourself, not from our friends. We will have friends from people of all ages, not only from our peers. Even our parents, our relatives, our neighbours…will become our friends. Pray for your success.



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In reality, we don’t have to seek for friends, because all people are our brothers and sisters. But due to lack of knowledge in the Age of immaturity, we considered other people as aliens, or even strangers, cheaters, enemies, so it is very hard to make friends with them or expecting them to be friendly to us. Nowadays, there are more suspicion than trust, so that many Americans claim the rights to possess guns for self-defence! When discussing about friendship, we usually think of a very narrow association with trust and understanding.

I am very thankful to Baha’u’llah for revealing to us about this Age of maturity of the human race. Years ago, when I travelled, many people had received me with warmer welcome than mere friendship, although we only met for the first time. Now, my children and grandchildren also bathe in the same atmosphere of love. Yes, we have no enemies; all are our friends, or at least our befriended strangers. Without knowing one another before, we are maintaining some distance, but that is not suspicion, hatred, enemity; it is only potential fellowship, friendship, brotherhood.

In the real life, as well as here on the cyberspace, I cannot count the great number of friends, and I do not know one name to be told as enemy. By their behaviours, I believe that those great hearts are practically expressing more wonderful feelings about friendship than what I am writing.



Why Do We Fear Death?

The fear of death, for most of the people, is not a matter which requires any evidence because it is totally obvious and we also see that a lot of people manifest extra-ordinary sensitivity with respect to the term ‘death’ and its reality. Thus the actual matter is self-evident. That which requires proof and an answer is the reason for this fear and alarm as to why we fear death?

4 years ago

Best Answer by Tu Nga – Chosen by Asker

This fear is a fancy, not an evident proof.
It is the worst disesase of imitation on earth.
We follow blindly what most people around us follow, without knowing the reason, the purpose, the consequence. We hate death so much that we come to doubt the boundless love of the One True God.
When we truly learn about the meaning of life and death, and understand their purpose, we remain serene before any circumstances.
Death is reasonably more pleasant than life, because it is the end of our physical life, to start the spiritual and eternal one. Because death is so pleasant, God has to hide its glories from our eyes to prevent our great desire for it, and He even forbids suicide in order that we can continue to accomplish our mission here before returning to Him.
The teachings about life and death are abundantly revealed in the Holy Books.

Asker’s Comment:

God has said: `Take not (for worship) two gods, for He is only One God. Then fear Me and Me alone …’.” XVI:51



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Life is so precious, why do we kill people?

Why do we commit suicide?

Why do we abort the embryos?

Why do we refuse marriage for reproduction?

Why do we waste our life in purposeless wanderings?

Why do we seek knowledge from men, when God has given us all answers?

Why? Why? Why?….

Because, we don’t use our own mind to seek for knowledge, for certitude, for the reality of our own self and of the world.

This was difficult before the Declaration of the Bab and the invention of Samuel Morse. In those days we could hardly find the Holy Books, we could not share them freely and instantly, and we were confused with human interpretations. Now, we have the divine teachings of Baha’u’llah, the New Messenger of God, and the marvelous Internet for fathoming all old and new Teachings of the One True God. Then, who is to be blamed for our confusion?


I have a question about virginity?

if you think you were raped are you still a virgin because my friend was raped and she was wondering if she is still considered a virgin she says she has small memory of the moment meaning she barley remembers it but she really wanted to wait for the right guy so is she considered a virgin or not………. please people don’t be mean shes not a bad person really yea she kinda got over it and no she has never reported it but its okay because it will catch up to him one day i beleive in karma and even if i reported him there is no evidence it ever happend no one will beleive me.

My answer| Rating (1)

She is better than a virgin. The person who entertains dirty thoughts is dirty. The person who conducts a pure life is pure, although she is bruised by dirtiest people.



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God loves people whose soul is chaste and pure.

How God allows bad people to do wrong against her, and then considers her as impure? Is that a just and loving God? I think that when a person has no intention to do bad things, God will compensate her a thousandfold, if she is tested by the criminals. And it is eveident that you rightly love her, then what kind of morality that will condemn her?

The fear of the judgement of men is not the standard of morality. That is hypocrisy. A man cannot be considered as virtuous when he cleverly covers his bad actions that he consciously perpetrates. Although nobody is aware of his crimes, his soul is already a dirty soul. A child cannot be considered as unchaste, when her caretakers sold her to the pedophiles. Dirtiness belongs to those sellers and buyers.

Many people don’t try to conduct a virtuous life, for witnessing that good men are unjustly condemned and bad persons glorified. This false judgement of men is not the standard of morality for the human race. Otherwise, the world will not become civilized.

See, how Christ, Muhammad, Baha’u’llah…were treated when They were alive! But, in reality, They are gloriously the eternal Educators of the human race.

In summary, the true esteem of a person depends on her pure thinking and acting; it does not depend on environmental occurrence or human judgement. It is really regretful that nowadays we still concentrate more attention on human judgement than on human and divine education!

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